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From "Concept to Completion"

facelift your home inc.

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The idea of facelift was brought about in the early part of 2018. Several of my business associates had an idea on how we could pool our business resources under one roof to create something new.

From there, we met periodically and formed an "online partnership" of experts in the home renovation, decor and other related services.

Our Motto

"From Concept to Completion"

From Concept to Completion: we provide you with quality home renovation, decor & other services to "facelift your home" 


We look forward to fulfilling your home renovation & decor dreams.


Mark Wilkie, President 

facelift your home inc.

Membership & Advertising Opportunities

We are actively looking for additional businesses to join our team and or become an Advertising or Corporate Sponsor : Email for more information

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